Granite Vs. Sold Surface Countertops

New kitchen countertops can really jazz up a kitchen. However, it isn’t always easy to figure out the best material to choose for the new Kitchen countertops. A few different materials all look similar, including some made of natural stone and some that are manmade. Those considering solid surface countertops may want to check out some made out of granite as well.


The main difference in the look of solid surface and granite countertops is that solid surface counters have a uniform look to the pattern and are normally a matte surface rather than a shiny one. Having them look glossy means any little scratch will show, so it isn’t recommended. Granite Counters, on the other hand, have more variations in pattern and can be made to be glossy. The seams in granite counters tend to be more visible than those on solid surface counters. Because solid surface counters are manmade, it’s possible to get them in a wider variety of colors and patterns than granite. They tend to have a flatter look, however, than natural granite slabs.


You’ll spend less for solid surface counters than for granite counters. Solid surface prices typically range from $75 to $120 per square foot, while granite countertops often cost between $100 and $225 per square foot. With granite, there’s also the cost to bring it to where you’re located, as well as a waste charge for the parts of the slab that aren’t used to make the countertop. Most granite is imported. Both types of counters should be professionally installed. You’re more likely to get an increase in a home’s value with granite than with solid surface counters, but these are becoming more popular.


Because granite is a porous natural stone, it needs to be sealed every six to 12 months to prevent stains or other damage. Cutting can cause scratches, and severe impacts can cause granite to chip or break. Dark colors and glossy finishes are more likely to show stains, dings, or water spots. Solid surface counters can be discolored by hot pans, but are non-porous and easy to clean. Although they scratch, these scratches can be sanded out by professionals. Some people sand every five to seven years to make the counters look new again.

Those looking into granite may want to discover Keystone Granite. This company offers a wide variety of granite and other natural stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.

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